How To Tell A Great Story



How To Tell A Great Story. Your presentation will always have a complete and compelling story of your product.  Controlling your audience by keeping them focused to the end.  The actual story material does not separate a good story from a bad one.  The difference is the emotion the storyteller puts into their narrative.   Captivate listeners by connecting historical moments with people and feelings, together with dates and events.  Give a sense of what happened and the timing.   Share what people were thinking,  their worries, emotions motivating  and driving them.  Create empathy for real people, pulling the listener into the account.

How To Tell A Great Story

Through the author’s eyes anyone who is writing a novel, an essay, or even presenting an oral business report is a story teller, and Aneeta has cleverly woven her own story-telling techniques into many business situations and even sales letter writing projects to demonstrate how just about anyone who wants to communicate verbally or in writing, can benefit from being a great story teller.

 Great StoryAn Absolute Beginner Can Transform Plain Stories Into Great Stories.

Your Family and Friends Will Love, Admire and Cherish

Your Stories – Even If You Have Never Told A Story Before!

Unlock the Secrets of Storytelling.

How To Tell A Great Story

  • Are you an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER to storytelling?  Discover storytelling techniques that experienced and professional storytellers use.

  • Been searching for a resource on how to tell a great story?  Specifically for storytellers making learning storytelling really easy.

Then read on …

How To Tell A Great Story   in easy-to-understand language.

The storytelling techniques described in this resource will serve as a solid foundation for your storytelling legacy. This Guide describes how to organize your story, set a theme, understand how many characters there should be in your story and when you’re really proficient, we even encourage you to venture further to consider selling your stories.

How To Tell A Great Story

Great StorySTEP 1 – Vital Preparation Helps You Tell Your Great Story

Excerpts: Imagine this: you are standing in an empty room. You are an artist and would like to paint a picture. But, there is no canvas, no paints, no brushes and not even an easel.
In storytelling, you need some basic equipment.  Mastering this step, you will be prepared to tell a story at any time, INSTANTLY.

Great StorySTEP 2 – Themes Of Your Great Story


 When you complete this section, you will also know how to generate your own stories.

Great StorySTEP 3 – The Reasons For Telling Your Great Story

Excerpts: Ever ask the question, “Why is he telling me this?”
When you master this step, you will never waver from the focus of your story … And no one will ever be bored when you tell a story.

Great StorySTEP 4 – It’s All About The People


You will ALWAYS describe your characters to perfection. They will come alive with the words you use to describe them … EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Great StorySTEP 5 – Paint Your Setting

Excerpts:  Become a more engaging conversationalist.   Very simply…
From now on, you’ll ALWAYS describe a place so well that your audience will feel like they’ve been there!

Great StorySTEP 6 – Join The Dots


People often do not believe that the ‘three act drama’ in storytelling is used in business.

Headline and Sub-headline –
Immediately capture the interest of your reader –

Introduce the problem – relate to the reader and explain product –


Great StorySTEP 7 – It’s All A Matter Of Style


Learn to have your own style of storytelling appealing to your audience and engaging them in your great story.


Have an emotional core, portraying how you feel about the events you’re describing. Everything else is just window dressing. Describe how you felt when your story happened.  Your motivation? What troubled you?   Your feelings about your surroundings?  How you feel now about what happened then?  If you can express that, you can create connections with your listeners, and trust that they’ll be hanging on every word.

You have to be interested to be interesting.


Make Your Presentation Come to Life

When addressing an audience, making a presentation or telling a campfire story some people captivate the group while others drag them through boredom.  Why can some control  a group and some flop?  How To Tell A Great Story has the solution.

When I love to tell the story…F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”:

Make me care – draw my sympathy…

Take me with you – heart of story is a promise, journey, mystery, problem

Be intentional – motivation toward a goal, constantly striving to reach

Let me like you – audience must relate to and appreciate character making them worthy of          attention

Delight me – charm and fascinate an audience, thereby forgetting themselves.

What pulls me, personally, into a story.   How can I be moved so much that I become an advocate of the brand/person/cause that is being talked about in the story?  What is that secret sauce in brand storytelling that activates the magic button inside each of us, firing up our passion?

There is a theme that appears around the ideas of wonder, mystery, possibility, connection, and engagement.  The essence of a good story line, presentation, campfire sharing experience or joke.  It is all related to using word pictures to create each of these attachments with an audience.  Paint word pictures in the minds of the people you want to reach.



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