Start Potty Training

Every child can benefit from a Start Potty Training plan. However, toddlers having structure in their life usually develop self confidence. In Potty Training a child,  bonding grows between parent and child.  This organized, structured plan leads up to greater achievement.  Thus a parent and child realize benchmarks in their progress.  While awards for proper achievement are given to the child.  Using many “atta boys” along with treats reinforcing good behavior.  Every child wants to be successful.


 Start Potty Training


Start Potty training

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Start Potty training

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Start Potty training

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Start Potty training

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Start Potty training

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Start Potty training


A Complete Guide To Success.

The Start Potty Training 3 day method is a complete guide.  The strategies are designed to be easy and fun.  Thus helping parents potty train a child.  Dedicate three days to your child during that training time.  Simple techniques and ideas help avoid icky messes and frustrating moments.  Thus preparing you and your child for training.  While leading into the mindset and activity of this process.  Encouragement, snacks, rewards, praise all shape the setting to entice while encouraging the child without frustration and reprimand.  The Start Potty Training method creates a bonding, self confidence building experience between parent and child.  However, your child is uncomfortable with soiled diapers.  And will be pleased not to have the rash and burning any longer.  Your child doesn’t enjoy that smell either.  One father had this to say about his child.



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A Father’s Experience

“Our daughter had a relapse with both pee and poop about two weeks in.  Followed by a series of late-night bed-wettings and mid-day poops in the pants. Then she went through a phase where it took her 20 minutes of grunting and groaning to poop. Finally, one day, it all just clicked. Since then, she’s nixed the groaning and the long waits on the poops. And has figured out how to do the whole pee thing entirely by herself.  She also has established a routine. Regular pees throughout the day (about 3 hours apart) and a poop between dinner and bedtime. (Occasionally she wakes up between 1 and 2 am to pee as well, but afterward goes immediately back to sleep.) Because I expressed pride the first time, her ongoing goal is to do it again.”

The Start Potty Training system offers a main guide, a training audio and training video.  This can be a great opportunity for your child to rely on your relationship of encouragement. While becoming victorious in accomplishing self control and self confidence, gaining acceptance and appreciation.  A major step toward an improved life for child and parents.




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potty, training

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