The best energy investment is in Self Help or self improvement.  To develop our mind is exhilarating.  We can thereby increase our abilities and skills.  Looking inside ourselves to learn and grow benefits everyone in our sphere of influence.  To develop greater skill in areas we enjoy.  Enhancing our gifts.  Become better in some way physically, morally, athletically, financially.  Keep learning and growing.   Life is a journey!


5 Minute Learning Machine.

These Simple Tricks Will Show You How

Whether your nine years old or ninety… man or woman.  No matter how poor your education may be!  It makes no difference how badly you did in school or how difficult it is for you to concentrate. Your poor memory or how much a prisoner you are of crippling mental habits. No matter how impossible it may seem.  You can quickly and easily double your reading speed. Even develop a tape recorder memory, breezing through any test, having total concentration. You can skyrocket your ability to handle figures and read a speakers thoughts. Help yourself to improve. What’s The Secret?


GateWay Church of Visalia

Self HelpGateWay Church where the Bible is the inspired Word of God, being without error, our final authority in faith and life. Our members serve Christ by reaching out into the local community.  This is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church community.  Kids are important. And as a parent you need to be sure they are in a safe learning environment. As a kid you are looking for a fun place to learn.  Come see us.


How Great is Our God

How Great is Our Godxrb_still_600 star3 has photos from the Hubble Spacecraft of stars way out in the Universe.  The size of these stars as compared with Planet Earth is shown and the magnitude of this universe is analyzed.  The Great God that created the galaxies out in the universe in its hugeness and complexity. To comprehend the magnitude of the Universe.  The size as  we compare ourselves and the world we know, feel and touch.   How Great is Your God?



Speed Study Techniques – Top Selling Book

Get The Best Grades With the Least Amount of Effort.  This is a unique collection of the most powerful learning techniques.  Have fun in this self help exercise to become a SUPER-LEARNER.  Master any subject and any skill faster than most people, while still having fun in learning!

Master any skill, subject or aptitude, get better grades, breeze through your essay tests and pass multiple choice exams without breaking a sweat… must learn the secrets that will help you.



The American Accent Course

The American Accent Course is a unique and proven online accent reduction program for people who have learned English as a second language. If English is your second language and you have ever been concerned or embarrassed about your pronunciation,

Chances are very good that you’ve never had the opportunity to learn much about English pronunciation and even less about actual accent.  Accent training is rarely a part of English training curricula.  Start Speaking CLEARER, MORE CONFIDENT English!