Reading Head Start

The Reading Head Start system teaches young children to learn letter sounds.  With video and audio guidance the parent and child learn to identify sight and sounds of each letter.  The letters  then form short words, then bigger words and finally phrases.  Even children with learning disabilities and Dyslexia learn to read using the Reading Head Start system.


 reading head start

In the Reading Head Start program children learn the sound of an individual letter.  As a child becomes familiar with a letter another new letter is introduced to him.  The entire alphabet becomes familiar to your child, one letter at a time. Individual letters make short words and put together form sounds with meaning.  As the child mouths each letter sound one followed by the next and a word forms from the sounds.

Children at the age of two are beginning to read with this method.  Even kids with learning disabilities and Dyslexia are reading through the help of this system.  The Reading Head Start program is enabling a child to read better than children 2-4 years older.  As a result the 36,000 plus users have proven this method effective 100% of the time. Your child will have a definite advantage in school. While he reads your child will have a better understanding.

You will receive the Videos, Workbooks, Reading exercises with many interactive reading games.  The videos guide the parent and child through each step of the lessons three times each week.  Each lesson takes 15 minutes and can be done anytime during a day. Your child will love doing the lessons.  And the educational games included will keep your child engrossed for long periods.

The Reading Head Start program is highly recommende reading head startd!


Reading Head Start is the completely simple, proven and effective method. It is guaranteed to work for any child at any age even as young as 2.   Even if they currently show absolutely zero interest in reading.   It has been proven so effective as to prevent and reverse children’s dyslexia completely.  Reading Head Start is a powerful reading method and very different from other reading programs.

The most effective element of Reading Head Start is that you get to work with your child.  And you become the teacher.  Reading Head Start simply makes it very easy for you to teach your child to read.  While providing you with the tools that make it that much easier. You will see results when you first begin using Reading Head Start.  You will see your child’s mind expanding and understanding letters and the sounds they make. After one week, what you are teaching your child is starting to stick.  And from there they quickly start to progress forward with amazing results.

Reading Head Start method is 100%.  A proven method of instruction.  Reading Head Start is unlike anything available.  As more content is being added it continues to improve.  Any child between the ages of 1 and 9 can get started.  Without additional charges or fees.  Teaching your child to read in a short period of time.  Thus creating a radical shift in his future and his success in school.  Your child’s quality of his life will definitely be affected forever.

The best part is Reading Head Start is specifically designed to quickly lock reading skills into your child’s brain.  Thus making it easy to move forward to each level.  Knowing your child has an understanding of everything covered in the level before.


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