Phone Photography Tricks – Tricks With Your Iphone!


Phone Photography Tricks.If you own a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, whatever), then you already have everything you need to take/create incredible photographs that will blow away you and your friends.


“Astonishingly Simple Secrets Discovered By Renegade Photographer Transforms Your Smartphone Into A High-Quality DSLR And Captures Jaw-Dropping Gorgeous Photos That Blow Away Your Friends!”

Just Use These Proven Techniques To Instantly Become A “Mini Celebrity” On Your Favorite Photo Sharing Websites… Without Ever Using Photoshop!

Phone Photography2

Now can take amazing photos like these on your smartphone camera. 

Dear Friend,

Take mind-blowing photographs with your smartphone…

Dazzle and shock your friends with your shots…

Become a trick photography expert, almost overnight…

     This is a most exciting message.

Thanks to some new technology, complete photography newbie’s can take photos almost as good as professionals do – and they can do it without spending thousands of dollars and months of time learning tricks of the trade.

Technology has evolved at the speed of light.

“Transform” Your Smartphone Camera Into A High-End DSLR!

It’s true!  Once you know how to use your smartphone as a high-end DSLR, you can use it to capture spectacular shots like these:

Phone Photography2


There are still loads of self-righteous photography “experts” out there who claim you need at least a Nikon D5100, telephoto zoom lenses and their 6 week evening course just to start taking great pictures yourself.

That’s Pure Hogwash!

I have made it my personal mission to show everyone a much easier way to take breath taking photos…

  • Without using fancy lenses, lighting and other extravagant equipment…
  • Without needing any pricey classes and dull lectures…
  • And without dropping boo-coo bucks for a DSLR!

The truth is, if you own a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, whatever), then you already have everything you need to take/create incredible photographs that will blow away you and your friends.

  • Breathtaking special effects using penlights and other, even more common, household itemsPhone Photography2
  • Beautiful high dynamic range nature shots that look like thisPhone Photography2
  • Spectacular 360 degree panoramic shots that will amaze your friendsPhone Photography2
  • Photos that go “pop” just through tweaking the color settings on your regular camera.Phone Photography2
  • Crystal clear rapid movement shots that look frozen in timePhone Photography2
  • Fantastic perspective photos with no software or extra tools.Phone Photography2
  • Pictures that are filled with the invisible man.Phone Photography2
  • Exquisite star trail long exposure shots.Phone Photography2
  • Amazing self portrait tricks guaranteed to make you the most popular guy/girl on facebook!Phone Photography2
  • Creative and vintage phone photography tricks for tumblerPhone Photography2
  • How to make your pets look extra cute with these simple phone camera tricksPhone Photography2
  • How to take mouth-watering food shotsPhone Photography2

In fact, the phone you already have can be an even better camera than some high-end DSLRs.

The Amazing Reasons Why The Best DSLR Camera Is…
Probably Already In Your Pocket

  • FACT #1: Newer smartphone models have ultra-sharp image quality.
  •           #2: Smartphones are “pocketable” and portable.
  •           #3: You can easily add special effects to your photos with free photo-editing apps. .

Discover the secrets to trick photography and special effects on your smartphone;

…Master photography basics and “shortcut” your learning curve by at least 6 months…

…Instantly apply these tricks and techniques to the very next photo you snap

…Skyrocket the activity on your Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr pages…

This is all possible with this complete 20 video training course. You’ll discover how to improve your “regular” shots while you also become a trick photography pro.


Phone Photography Tricks:

The Revolutionary Video Course That Shows You How To Capture Mind-Blow Artistic ImagePhone Photography2s Using Only Your Smartphone.  The videos are split into easy–to-follow lessons that enable you to take awesome photos and breathtaking special effects shots.


Like these…

Phone Photography2Designed to turn a newbie into an accomplished smartphone photographer in the shortest time possible.

Each lesson contains the core essentials you need to know.

The most crucial trick photography concepts and distilled them into a potent collection of lessons.

.Assignments at the end of every lesson apply what you learn and take stunning shots right away. These exercises will “hardwire” each lesson into your brain.

You’ll put every other smartphone users to shame.

What You Will Discover.

Here’s exactly what’s you’ll discover inside Phone Photography Tricks…

  • Essential smartphone camera features that can instantly enhance your picture quality by 100%. (Even the most savvy smartphone addicts don’t know about these…)
  • How to use special focus techniques to create photographs with a subtle “meaning”…
  • The secret “depth of focus” technique… just use this to always get crisp, focused pictures – even if your subject is in motion or you have shaky hands!
  • How to split someone in half…
  • The sneaky science behind recreating “happy accidents” so you can capture once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities… over and over again!
  • The “cardinal sins” of lighting.
  • The biggest advantages smartphones have over DSLRs… this makes professional photographers jealous!
  • Why a photo of a red object taken under red light will actually turn out white…
  • The 3 crucial things you MUST keep in mind if you want to capture impressive photographs everytime…
  • How to create interesting effects and feelings with color (or lack of color)…
  • How to manipulate the viewer’s emotions with a few simple tweaks… (Experienced photographic artists agree this is the “holy grail” to winning photo-contests…)
  • The exposure secrets that virtually guarantee your pictures never end up in the photography Hall of Shame…
  • Discover the secret methods for creating “invisible man” and other floating-in-the-air illusions – great for astonishing your friends…Phone Photography2
  • How to easily take high dynamic range (HDR) nature photos:Phone Photography2

And believe it or not, you’ll be able to create these spectacular images…

Without Photoshop!

That means you can create jaw-dropping images.

You won’t need PhotoShop because included in this course is photo-editing software that’s virtually identical.

In fact, you may find it even easier and more intuitive to use. So you can recreate some of the more “advanced” photography tricks.

As long as you have a smartphone and a desire to take some killer photos, then this course will revolutionize the way you take pictures forever.

Phone Photography2

Phone Photography2


Phone Photography2


Phone Photography2


Inside Phone Photography Tricks, you’ll also discover…

  • A cool trick to “fool” your phone’s exposure controls… so you can take vivid photos.
  • How to use the dodge and burn tools to create well balanced images.
  • The embarrassingly simple adjustments that make an ordinary photo look alive and vibrant.
  • How to create powerful moods with light…without professional equipment.
  • An easy way to remove unwanted shadows from your portraits.
  • How to create the “blur effect” when photographing moving objects. Showing speed in your pictures is easy.Phone Photography2
  • The two “under-the-radar” apps that make it dead simple to “paint with light”. Watch people’s jaws drop when they find out you did this with you phone camera.Phone Photography2
  • How to “miniaturize” someone and put them in common household objects. This type of photo always gets a laugh and causes a big fuss on image sharing websites.Phone Photography2
  • 3 inexpensive and easy ways to create portraits that look like they were taken in a professional studio.
  • Much, much more…



I’ve decided to help as many people as I can with this program.

Phone Photography2


In fact, I’m so sure you’ll be absolutely thrilled with this program.   I’m going to back up every promise I make on this page with.


Phone Phography2

My 100% “Results-Or-Refund” Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works: Go ahead and sign up for my “Phone Photography Tricks”.

Go through the video lessons.  And if you’re not convinced this amazing course is not everything I’ve just written about, then contact me for a full refund.

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Bonus #1: Unlimited Lifetime Consultation($500 Value).

Clients have paid upwards of $500 to work with me one-on-one.  But because I’m close to retiring and photography is my obsession, I’ll give you my personal email address for free.

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Bonus #4: All-In-One Photo Editing Software with 41 Video Tutorials ($97 Value)

This is a simple-to-use photo-editing program that’s very similar to Photoshop (which can cost up to $599). And in my opinion, the editing interface is much more straightforward compared to Photoshop.

Note: These special bonuses is a limited time offer only and will be promptly pulled down soon.

Some of the subjects in Phone Photography Tricks include items like these and many others. That really help make your Phone Photos outstanding to viewers.




New photographers often over complicate their photos. Too many details tend to distract the viewer, making it hard to create a beautiful and harmonious composition.  One interesting subject is all it takes to create a memorable photo.  It is much easier to get the composition correct when the photo has just one subject. It is okay if most of the photo is filled with empty space. In photography this is “negative space” and it’s a great way of making your subject stand out.


When photo-sharing on social networks, people will be viewing photos on the tiny screen of their phone so simple uncomplicated shots come through best.  As a result, much of the detail will be lost to the viewer. Keeping photos simple allows your audience more enjoyment in viewing.  Low angle shots can have the sky in the background. This removes unwanted distractions and makes the subject stand out.

A low angle can capture ripples or reflections in water. Try kneeling or even lying on the ground to get an unusual effect.   To create a feeling of depth  compose the photo so that a line leads from the foreground into the distance.  A highway center stripe, a stream or path going into the distance will draw the viewer through the scene and make your photo more engaging.  Include subjects in the foreground, middle ground and background and you’ll immediately make your images more three-dimensional.  Phone Photography Tricks teach these methods and many other tricks to create the photos you desire and that attract attention.