Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Relief for people who believed for years their pain was invincible have found relief. Many “incurable” cases do turn out to be surprisingly treatable.  Your back is not as fragile as you probably think.  So understanding why is a great starting place for healing in nearly all cases to get lower back pain relief. As a muscle gets ridged from strain, trauma or overuse it tends to only relax partially.  As this occurs multiple times the muscle memory forgets the normal relaxed length.


Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain relief may be less invasive that surgery.  Your lower back may not be as fragile as you may think!   The muscle support system may be easily treated for relief.


A tragic low back pain myth

This myth of “mechanical” failure of the low back has manyLower, back, pain, relief unfortunate consequences.  Unnecessary fusion surgeries — a common and routinely ineffective procedure. Resulting in low back pain lasting for years instead of months or weeks.

Some cases of “incurable” chronic low back pain can still be cured!

While it’s true that some lower back pain just cannot be fixed.   It’s also true that many “incurable” cases do turn out to be surprisingly treatable. People who believed their lower back pain was invincible have found relief. Not always, and often not completely — but sometimes any relief is far better than nothing!

How can extremely stubborn lower back pain finally be relieved?   Simple: because many cases weren’t truly stubborn to begin with, despite all appearances.  So many health professionals are poorly prepared to treat lower back pain.  Patients can get treatments for months or even years without once getting good care or advice.

When people seeking lower back pain relief finally get it, they are in a state of disbelief.  It’s hardly surprising that some patients finally get some relief from their pain.

And it’s always amazing how chronic pain can, with the right therapy, just suddenly end.  It’s quite common, and it does happen!  “Well, I guess I hadn’t tried everything!”

Have you tried soft tissue treatments?  When Lower Back Pain Relief is caused by muscle strain that happens while lifting, twisting or straightening.  The first treatment should be soft tissue due to strain.  Applying heat to the painful area will provide relief by relaxing the strained or spasming muscle.  The muscle may be cramping and causing great pain.  Relieving that situation can be done by massage and incremental stretching.  

AthletesLower, back, pain, relief

Similarly, many athletes with “career-ending” injuries are far from finished. Bret “The Glute Guy” Contreras, from “You’ll Never Squat Again”:

Numerous power lifters over the years have come back following ‘career-ending injuries’ to set all-time personal records. Donnie Thompson is the only man to total 3,000 lbs (1,265 lb squat, 950 lb bench, 785 lb dead lift).  Several years ago Donnie suffered a horrendous back injury which herniated three discs. He could barely walk, but he got out of bed and rehabbed himself every day. Within three months he was back to heavy squatting and setting personal records. Got that? Setting personal records three months following an injury that herniated 3 discs!

How could that be? It’s almost like herniated discs aren’t necessarily as scary as everyone seems to think. Hm!

Lower Back Pain is Real.

Lower, back, pain, reliefLower back pain can definitely be sensitive to  an emotional state of mind.  Just like other body issues get worse when you’re stressed. But it is still a very real physical problem!  However, your back is not as fragile as you may think.  So understanding why is a good starting place for healing in nearly all cases of low back pain.

Most people – and most health care professionals – believe that back pain is most often caused by structural problems.   Either injury to or degeneration of the spine. This thinking is general and not based on evidence. Indeed, just the opposite is more often the case.  There is evidence showing that tissue pathology does not explain chronic pain.  It is overwhelming (e.g., in back pain, neck pain, and knee osteoarthritis).  The idea that the spine is fragile is an unjustified but deeply held belief. Based on ignorance of a complex subject and on an obsolete mechanical view of biology, having dominated medical thinking for centuries.

paul@painscience.comupdated ,  by Paul Ingraham, Vancouver, Canada. 

Michael Young, NCTMB, enrolled in the Colorado School of Healing Arts.   He studied to become a certified massage therapist. Michael was trained in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, Therapeutic Massage, and Relaxation Massage. Upon graduation, he opened up his business, Massage Works.

Business Grew

The Muscle Release TechniqueSM is derived from a technique developed in Europe. Michael has had profoundly successful results in utilizing this technique with chronic and acute soft tissue injuries. Now he can take these chronic pain sufferers to a pain free condition in a short period of time. He uses this technique to treat people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis, Sciatica Syndrome.  As well as Knee Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Hammer Toes,and Fibromyalgia, just to mention a few. He holds seminars and workshops across the country to train other professionals in the Muscle Release TechniqueSM. His courses have been approved by various agencies for continuing education hours.

Lower, back, pain, relief

Lower Back Pain Relief

While suffering with and enduring chronic pain issues for 12 years himself and searching for relief Tom Suderman found Michael Young.  Tom had learned Swedish Massage but that didn’t have the lasting relief result people needed.  Tom tried Michael’s Repetitive Use Injury Therapy introductory course and his clients began to immediately realize lasting pain relief.  So after taking Advanced Training in RUIT Tom’s clients have been experiencing the benefit for almost 20 years now.

The RUIT is designed to bring muscles back to their normal relaxed length.  When muscles contract (flex) they are working.  After working a muscle naturally returns to a relaxed resting length.  As a muscle gets ridged from strain, trauma or overuse it tends to only relax partially.  When this occurs multiple times the muscle memory forgets the normal relaxed length.  As the muscle continues to shorten, due to rigidity, at some point pain develops in this soft tissue.  Cramping or possibly even spasms may result.

Lower Back 

The lower back has many supporting muscles.  All body movement involves this group of muscles.  They are not delicate!  They are strong and do  lifting, twisting as well as support of body function.  The Quadratus Laborum(QL) muscle reaches horizontally across the lower back at the top of the pelvis bone.  This muscle is most often the culprit causing low back pain.


Lower, back, pain, reliefThis muscle is adversely affected while lifting and twisting simultaneously.  Sometimes the effect is an immediate twinge or possibly nothing noticeable until at a later time when bending it spasms.  The pain can be intense!  Can hardly straighten up.  All movement is painful at first.  Sometimes it lets up a little.  Sometimes NOT!  With time it may subside becoming livable.  We need to carry on with life so we keep going.  But it aches.  It will become hurt more easily next time.  Heat helps the muscle to relax, providing some relief.   But this is a soft tissue problem not the bones out of alignment.

Many of these QL strains find my door (tschoice1502@yahoo.com). Some times people report having low back pain issues for years – nagging to intense degrees of pain.  Sometimes they require help to come for treatment.  The fear grips the client because the back problems we all know about leave people in forever pain.  Western medicine (much needed) and Legal Council (have a place) have caused treatment to start with the worst possibility first, eliminate that and graduate to lesser possible causes.  Can all this pain be caused by a muscle spasm?  Overwhelmingly, YES!   Don’t over-treat before having tried some less invasive treatment first.   


Okay, what can be done if it is the Quadratus Laborum Muscle?  People tell experiences of laying in bed for several days, ER and injections to stop spasms, Chiropractic treatments, Physical Therapy and then they ‘live with it’.

Clients come having dealt with low back pain for months, and years never knowing when it will flare up.  The Muscle Release Technique combines massage and incremental stretching to work muscle tissue.  Adding heat to the treated area enhances the treatment causing tissue to relax more easily.  So by using heat, massage and incremental stretching most soft tissue cramps and rigidity become pliable and flexible.  Pain disappears!  Lower Back Pain Relief results!  

A Happy Mom                        

About three years ago a lady was helped into my office by her husband.  She was in tears with pain.  A young couple with a young toddler she had lifted and her back ‘went out’.  At that time she did custom sewing to help earn living expenses.  She had stopped sewing due to the pain.

  Her husband sat in the room and watched the entire treatment IImage result for happy mom did.  When she got off the massage table she was smiling in disbelief at the freedom of movement she felt.  She bent over and tied her shoes and straightened up easily.  Lower Back Pain GONE!  She came back the following week for a follow up treatment, smiling and happy.  That was three years ago.  She and her husband are still sending people that are needing Lower Back Pain Relief.  Tom operates in two locations in Central California tschoice1502@yahoo.com.



Lower, back, pain, relief
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