People interact through Languages. Each race of people have their own Verbal Language and dialect. Communicating also involves Body Language. Therefore intonations and gestures affect the verbal message.  Sign language has become a communication skill for the hearing impaired. To span distance code languages were needed. Then these code languages reach greater distances beyond physical presence.  The Indians used smoke signals to span distance.  Then the telephone transmitted verbally, however, through a wire. And the teletype uses Morse Code to send coded messages long distances over phone lines. So now computers use mathematical equivalents to communicate electronically.  Cell phones are connecting people through internet software and space.


Learn American Sign Language With Rocket Sign Language!    

Rocket Sign-Language; The Award Winning System That Gets You Signing American Sign Language.The easiest way to get started and learn the most useful building blocks of sign language.

Learn sign language while watching a video of tLanguageshe tutor perform signs on relevant real-world topics.  Subjects that are in your real world.  It is so much easier to understand by tying signing to personal experiences of life.

Find that word or phrase you need to sign using My Dictionary.  So a video dictionary puts the sign and word or phrase together for you.

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The American Accent Course 

  The American Accent Course is a unique and proven online accent reduction program.  It is designed for people who have learned English as a second language.   Thousands of people have benefited and now, you can, too.As adults, we don’t hear differences between certain sounds and rhythms new to us unless they are shown to us.  When we recognize them and learn how to make them, they will find their way into our speech.  The ‘Southern Drawl’ or ‘Texas Drawl’ is just the way people from those areas speak. Our speech accent is different so we hear their accent and associate it to an area.  Cultures have accents peculiar to them.  When learning a new language the vocabulary is the greatest focus.  However, as the language itself becomes familiar the local accent unites to the area residents.  Begin to hear the accent.