7250 Landscaping Ideas

Design your own landscape from 7250 Landscaping Ideas to guide the exact yard landscape you desire.  Build from ideas out of this comprehensive landscaping resource which has grown out of many years of experience.  Therefore this massive collection of photos, ideas and simple step-by-step details has evolved.  Having you home gardeners in mind who enjoy building and working in your own created yard landscape.





If you are reading this letter then it is likely you want to design your dream home landscape.

And if you’re a proud homeowner, you’re most likely aware of the cost and effort required to design a landscape.

I’ve been designing and building landscapes for the past 18 years.  When I first started out, I spent a ton of time reading magazines and hiring different designers.

 It has taken the last 5 years to put this comprehensive landscaping resource together.  However, it includes all the design inspirations and instructions of my years of experience.

This massive collection of photos, ideas, and simple step-by-step details is designed to help home owners.  Guiding the development of a plan which will liven up your home with the perfect lawns and gardens.

The information and suggested choices will save you money.   Using this database, you’ll truly be able to choose the “dream home” landscape you’ve always wanted.

Most homeowners have no experience in planning and designing gardens or front yards.

So, let me introduce you to that perfect landscaping for your home,


The Complete Landscaping Resource landscaping

Over 7000 High-Resolution Photographs, Step-by-Step Plans,
Videos & the Freshest Ideas on Landscaping!

“Thousands Of Designs – For Every Style & Preference” 

 Ideas4Landscaping has a style for nearly every yard, climate, country, trend, preference and art form.

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Ideas 4 Landscaping

Helen Whitfield created this book.  With over 20 years experience designing AWARD-WINNING landscapes resulting in being featured in many magazines and publications. She envisions this collection as a design package suitable for beginners & professionals.  Which allows anyone  to begin designing their dream home landscape immediately.

One client related an experience they had.  A property in a great neighborhood came on the market.  It was in very poor condition so we had a good chance at negotiating the price.  However, a lot of work was ahead for us.  I was nervous because the neighboring landscapes were professionally done.  So taking on such a project with no landscape budget was quite a stretch.  The Ideas 4 Landscaping package is definitely ideal for any landscaping skill level. The detailed diagrams make for easy installation.  The pictures are in full color and of excellent quality.  The book is extremely well organized and is user friendly. There are fresh tips and advice on everything from Japanese Gardens to pools.

The designs compiled in Ideas 4 Landscaping  give one-stop-shopping for design ideas and landscape related information.

This massive compilation of designs to increase home value and “curb-appeal” will also beautify the home.  By creating gardens that provide a place to unwind from the day while listening to the sound of water cascading.  Flowers that attract birds to sing among the branches of beautiful shrubs.  A peaceful refuge to enjoy an enlightening book.  Sit in a patio with a cup of tea alone with thoughts of meditation.

Develop plantings that shut out the surrounding harshness of the material surrounding fences, brick and mortar that make up so much of life.  Pools, gazebos, ponds sporting multicolored fish, all adding to ‘your world’.   Ideas 4 Landscaping.




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