K5 Stars – Don’t let your kids fall behind!

K5 Stars – Don’t let your kids fall behind.  A real product that actually helps kids!  We have great news. Now your son or daughter can reinforce their reading and math skills (and do better on standardized tests).

Give Your Child a Boost with Over 300 Fun Online Games!


K5 Stars kids

A Real Product That Actually Helps Kids!

K5 Stars – Don’t let your kids fall behind

Give Your Child a Boost with Over 300 Fun Online Games!
Dear Concerned Moms and Dads:
  • Is homework a nightly struggle, for both you and your child?
  • Are you afraid your child is falling behind their classmates?
  • Do you want to keep closer tabs on what your kids learn?
  • Are you looking for an affordable alternative to private tutors?

We have great news. Now your son or daughter can reinforce their reading and math skills with just a little online practice at K5 Stars!


K5 Stars kids

Why Is K5 Stars Better?

Advantage #1: K5 Stars games are colorful and exciting for kids to play. Children actually learn while having fun. What a concept!

                 # 2: There’s no need to download or install anything as long as your computer is up-to-date.

                   #3: The K5 Stars tracking feature allows parents or teachers to easily see the progress their child is making.  While scores on the games they have played you can watch them succeed!

                    #4: K5 Stars games can be played anywhere Internet is available – while at school, at home and even on vacation!

                     #5: K5 Stars reinforces skills that are some of the most important your children will ever learn. Without literacy and basic math it’s impossible to succeed in school or in life.

K5 Stars kids

5 Bonus Reasons Why K5 Stars Rocks:

Reason #1: K5 Stars provides a safe and secure environment for children to learn while engaged in educational games.  Allowing no distracting ads and no chat rooms with suspicious characters.

              #2: We never share or sell our customer data, while maintaining a strict privacy policy.

             # 3: K5 Stars offers clear membership options with no hidden costs and certainly no sneaky automatic billing.

              # 4: Our support team is fast and efficient.  Since we answer your questions by the next business day or even sooner.

               # 5: K5 Stars is affordable. Annual subscriptions start at under 10. That’s under 10 per year, not per month!  Even if your child plays our educational games once per week, that’s quite a bargain!


Here is what you will get when you join K5 Stars:

  • Sentence Builder can help your little student with mastering Sight Words. Some parents even reported difficulty in trying to get their kids away from this simple yet addictive game.
  • Sight Words in Space. Sight Words spin in orbit as children listen to the audio prompt and select the correct choice. This fast-paced game combines Sight Words recall with active listening and computer mousing abilities.
  • The Animated Multiple Choice Quiz gives a new spin to the traditional multiple-choice format. After a correct answer your child will be rewarded with a cool picture and a funny sound.
  • Sight Words Bubbles is one of our newest games; it’s very popular with emerging readers. Bubbles containing Sight Words float around until your child picks the right one.
  • Drag-and-Drop Word Puzzle is another kids’ favorite. In this challenging game, using the mouse, your child will unscramble words that he or she hears.
  • The Robot Game will teach your children basic Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division.
  • Classic Multiple Choice Quiz not only reinforces important Reading and Math skills.  But it also lets your child practice a quiz format he or she will be taking all through college.

Other Enhancements

  • Well over 300 educational activities to play with!
  • Each game has several “skins”, so that your child never gets bored.
  • Funny sounds and bright colors “disguise” these educational games as entertainment. Thereby learning becomes part of your child’s play time.
  • You can monitor how well your child is doing in each area. If there is a topic your child has difficulty with, you will know it right away.
  • You can choose exactly what games your children will be playing.
  • Create play lists (available with multi-student accounts) that allow you to organize games in any order.  This way you can set up a game sequence that best suits your child’s needs.
  • Our support is fast and efficient. Your questions will be answered within one business day, though typically much faster.


 K5 Stars is intended for elementary school studentsK5 Stars kids                         K (kindergarten) to grade 5 students


Important Questions:

Q: I’m a teacher and would like to know whether my students can play these activities on their home computers?

A: Yes. In fact, students can access K5 Stars using any computer, as long as it is connected to the Internet.

Q: Do you add new games?

A: K5 Stars already includes over three hundred educational activities. Moreover, we are constantly working on adding new topics and games.

Q: I have kids at different grade levels. How can I assign different activities to them? Do I need several subscriptions?

A: No, you can simply use our subgroups feature that comes free with all multi-student accounts. If you have students from different grades or achievement levels, you can create subgroups. Each subgroup can have a different set of activities assigned to it.

Q: Can I see results for every quiz ever taken by one of my students?
A: Yes. Every result is stored in our database.
Q: Is K5 Stars safe for kids to use?
A: Absolutely. You can feel safe letting your children play on our website. There are no ads or annoying pop-ups, so your child enjoys playing and learning in a safe, kid-friendly environment.

Some of the topics we cover include:

Reading, Sight Words, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Fractions


So Easy and Fun to Use

K5 Stars is easy-to-use and will appeal to a variety of users. A very good educational product for all users. The support help available is exceptional.

K5 Stars is a versatile, feature-packed product, extremely easy to use.  Making it more likely to be used.   The quality of content has improved greatly.

It’s totally portable, it can go with you on a thumbdrive, smartphone, or other portable device and run on any Windows PC.  So simple to use.  Is quite open and user friendly.

K5 Stars is one of the best products that have been tested in this category, easy to operate.

A product that combines affordability, effective performance and fast results.  K5 Stars definitely is the first choice.  Be willing to try K5 Stars for your kids benefit.

With a computer having high-speed Internet connection, downloading K5 Stars would take less than one hour to upload.  K5 Stars is extremely user-friendly too.  A few minutes a day with K5 Stars would master it within a month.

A product which offers excellence of quality at an affordable rate.  K5 Stars continues to get strong ranking from users.  Positive feedback for K5 Stars reviews continually post rankings of 5 – 8 1/2 stars.  Furthermore, the refund rate is on the decline.

K5 Stars is being updated having newer features with every version.  All based on the feedback the manufacturer receives from real users.  And, K5 Stars get rewarded with greater welcome in the marketplace. Those having tried K5 Stars have words of gratitude regarding the affordability and excellence of quality K5 Stars offers.




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