Hairball Issues In Our Felines

Hairball Issues In Our Felines come due to the grooming a cat does while cleaning its fur coat.  The rough tongue removes loose hair and smooths the beautiful fur.  A cat is proud and wants to be pretty as well as clean.

Hairball Issues In Our Felines

Hairball Issues In Our Felines are a by-product of a good, clean grooming habit.  While grooming and licking herself, your cat swallows a lot of loose hair. Image result for cats and hairballs This indigestible hair travels down the throat and into the stomach and eventually passes through the digestive tract and is voided intact in the feces, some hair, however, remains in the stomach and gradually accumulates into a wet clump – the hairball.

This development of hairballs is most frequent while your cat is shedding its coat.  It is quite possible that a hairball isn’t regurgitated, and has passed from the stomach into the intestine and is creating a potentially life-threatening blockage somewhere along the digestive tract.  If this occurs veterinary services will be necessary.

The development of hairballs and their complications can be prevented, or at least minimized, with the following recommendations:

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  • Reduces shedding by up to 90%.
  • Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake, or comb.
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  • Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches deep beneath your cat’s long topcoat to gently remove loose hair.
  • FURejector button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease.

Image result for cats and hairballs

– Brushing and combing your cat three times a week.  Daily during shedding season.  Doing this can be along with caressing and stroking your furry fellow.  They love it!  A groomed cat makes for a fur-free home and a contented pet. To achieve that goal, you need the proper tools.

.-Related image Particularly with long haired breeds, have them groomed and given a haircut once or twice a year.
– Feeding a hairball remedy – usually a mild petroleum-based laxative – once or twice a week.

There are more cat grooming tools, but those essential to any cat owner’s home include:

  • Nail clippers- easy to use and the quickest way to curtail your cat’s natural scratching tendencies.
  • Bristle brush- Has a flat rectangular platform covered with slender steel bristles. It can be used on all cat types and most cats love it.
  • Fine tooth comb-  Combs are effective too. Either fine-toothed (flea comb) or wide tooth. Work slowly with a comb and sprinkle talcum powder to gently work hair mats out of a long-haired cat’s coat.
  • Toothbrush- A toothbrush and paste kit costs less than ten dollars and helps kitty’s dental health if used a few times a week.
  • Pet wipes and sprays- Moist disposable towels and sprays used for a quick touch up or in place of a full bath.  Helps reduce dander and some contain Aloe Vera and/or Vitamin E keeping coat soft and shiny.
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Hairball Symptoms

Most common hairball symptoms are hacking, gagging and retching. Usually, the cat will vomit the hairball and find relief in a relatively short time.  To help your feline pet minimize the hairball issue:

  1. Groom your cat regularly.  Removing loose fur from the coat of your cat, means less fur will end up as hairballs in the stomach. Combing or brushing a cat daily is an effective way to minimize hairballs.  It is a time for you to bond with your cat.
  2. Give your cat a specialized “hairball formula” cat food . Many pet food manufacturers now make hairball-reduction cat foods. These high-fiber formulas are designed to lubricate the digestive tract along with higher roughage.  Thus improving the health of your cat’s coat, minimize the amount of shedding, and encourage hairballs to pass through the digestive system.
  3. Use a hairball product or laxative.  A number of hairball products are now on the market. Most of them are mild laxatives that help hairballs pass through the digestive tract.
  4. Discourage excessive grooming. Possibly your cat is bored and grooms for lack or something else to do.  Get your cat an action toy that focuses attention on playing or chasing. Some toys are designed to play with your feline pal.  Enjoy your loving companion.

One Persons Experience

A cat owner spoke of a personal experience with her cat and hairballs.  She put coconut oil on the bottoms of her cat’s paws to counteract hairballs.  The cat licked the oil from the paws and ingested it. But the cat also licked its paws and spread oil throughout the fur coat making it soft and shiny. That was repeated periodically and her cat got enough lubricant to benefit digestion and the cat a beautiful fur coat.



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