How Great is Our God

How Great is Our God has photos from the Hubble Spacecraft of stars way out in the Universe.  The size of these stars as compared with Planet Earth is shown and the magnitude of this universe is analyzed.  We are then taken under the microscope to show the minute detail of cellular makeup.  God’s greatness in enormity and attention to detail in miniscule DNA cell structure.   WOW!

How Great is OUR God 

How Great is Our God: with Louie Giglio (full video) – YouTube

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Our God is a Great God

Your life is a miracle, and the Creator of the universe knows you by name. He’s big enough to breathe out …

great godThe Great God that created the galaxies out in the universe in its hugeness and complexity did so by words from His mouth.  He said it and it became a reality.  Is my god that great?  To comprehend the magnitude of the Universe.  The size as  we compare ourselves and the world we know, feel and touch.  This became when God said it!  Does my brain understand such enormity?  Is it within the grasp of the human mind to realize?

Thegreat godn take a look at our human body.  Our cellular makeup, our DNA that makes us who we are-different from anyone else.  Each individual with all the attributes that make our character traits. Our hair color, facial features, gender, body size, are established when the male sperm units with the female egg cell.  Which of our ancestrial attributes will be dominant and provide abilities and gifts that lead us into areas of interest.  Our Great God attached an egg cell and a sperm cell and all its possibilities to make up an individual soul.  And that became YOU!  He chose you before you chose Him.