GateWay Church Review

GateWay Church of Visalia where the Bible is the inspired Word of God, being without error, our final authority in faith and life. Our members serve Christ by reaching out into the local community.  This is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church community.  Kids are important. And as a parent you need to be sure they are in a safe learning environment. As a kid you are looking for a fun place to learn.

Gateway Church


GateWay Church, Visalia Review

At GateWay Visalia, we are committed to “empowering Christ-followers to engage a ready world with the hope and joy of Christ.” The leadership of the multi-generational, multi-ethnic church community is unapologetically biblical and enthusiastically welcoming.  So as to strategically grow as a church family, while meeting the needs of each other and the community.  Because the power of God is real and relevant.

During worship song lyrics are on screens so you are invited to sing along or read the words and enjoy the music.  To be comfortable and to connect with the personal hope and practical help God offers through teaching from the Bible. As a first-time guest, you are invited to stop by the café for a complimentary drink or pastry and make a new friend during your visit.


Doctrinal Statement:

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is without error.  It is the final authority in faith and life.  We believe in one God who exists in three distinct persons:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Man was created in God’s image to have fellowship with Him, but became alienated in that relationship through sin, and as a result needs God’s saving grace to end alienation from Him.  Christ’s death and resurrection provides the sole basis for the forgiveness of sin, and this salvation is freely given to all who place their faith in Him.


A strong leadership team leads the congregation in it’s ministry through thegateWay-church-review entire week.  Dr. Ed Kemp is the senior pastor.  Ed’s great goal is to teach the deep and meaningful truths of the Bible. Well, “So what?!”  Why does that matter?  Because God wants us to use those truths every day in a very practical way that benefit us.

What about my kids?

Kids are important at GateWayVisalia. As a parent you need to be sure they are in a safe learning environment. As a kid, you are looking for a fun place to learn.  Making sure both these goals are reached each week in our GateWay Kids program.  Quality care is offered for infants   through 6th grade for the entire service.  You need to check your child in-and-out while attending our services because security is taken seriously.

GateWay Church has many services to meet needs of people of all ages.  Child care is offered for babies 0-24 months in the nursery during all weekly services.  Preschool programs are available for ages 2-5 and elementary classes for kindergarten through sixth grade.


Children: GateWay Wednesday Night Kids Club is Underway!

Wednesday night Kids Clubs are available for the following age groups:Gateway

  • -Puggles, ages 2-3
  • -Cubbies, ages 4-5
  • -Sparks, grades K-2
  • -T&T (Truth & Training), grades 3-6


GateWay Kids Choir is for kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade.


Student Programs are available to Junior High, High School, College and Young Adults.

Small Groups:

Small Groups meet throughout the week.  These groups gather in a home for fellowship and Bible study to discuss the previous Sermon and the Scriptures surrounding the message. Relating it to issues of the group participants and also pray for requests by the group individuals.

MOPS: Mothers Of Preschoolers.

GateWay MOPS/MOMS next is an open, accepting place for all mothers of school-age kids to come, just as they are.  To experience authentic community, personal growth, practical help and spiritual hope. The meetings will encourage and equip you to handle life and

family situations.Gateway visalia   Helping develop you into the best mom you can be!

 Sewing and Quilting Craft Clips

There is child care for during  MOPS meetings.  Their program is called MOPPETS, where they experience love in a preschool-like setting.


An ongoing Wednesday’s Bible study and activity for women of any age.

Men’s: Men’s Huddle

Tuesday morning Bible Study for all guys 6:15a in the GateWay Café

Legacy Builders:

Senior Adults(55+) enjoying their senior years and making a significant contribution in the lives of others.  A well-rounded program meeting the needs and interests of seniors within our church family and in the larger community.

Care Ministries:

Care Ministries is to demonstrate the loving care of Jesus by ministering to those in need of comfort, care, and support.  Caring people who want to share the love of Jesus in the following areas:

Hospital Visitation • Nursing Home, Assisted Living & In-Home Visitation • Jail Ministry • Connection Team • Meal Ministry • Sew What?

Worship Arts:

The Worship Arts team is an awesome place to use your gifting and talents to bring glory to the Lord.  Artists, dancers, techs, video and audio production, choir, orchestra, and praise team opportunities just scratch the surface.

Worship Choir and Orchestra
Colossians 3:16 “Sing, sing your hearts out to God with thanksgiving…”
Leads our 8:45am Sunday “Classic” Worship Service.

        Worship Band
Leads our Thursday night @ 6:45p and 10:30a Sunday morning services.

        Audio/Visual Team
Our A/V team is building and looking for new volunteers.   Getting the message out is vital and this team is our backbone. Run sound, set lights, use computers, and learn how to work as a team to provide production support for GateWay church.


Missionaries and Groups:

GateWay Church has Local, National and International Missions projects and Missionaries working and supported through the generosity of the membership.  Christ’s love touches many needs in the surrounding communities through the hands the church members’ lives.


This is a very busy church serving its membership with tentacles reaching far out beyond the walls of the sanctuary. In 2016 GateWay Visalia gave backpacks to kindergartners at Conyer, Washington and Crowley elementary schools.  The church members donated 554 Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes to Samaritans Purse for children of third world countries.  The Visalia Emergency Aid received 10,000 pounds of food for needy families in the area. Throughout 2016 Salvation Army received five hundred chickens and 200 turkeys from GateWay Church.  Enabling the feeding of hungry people in the local vicinity. This church truly serves Christ by tending to many needs in the world we inhabit.  The many programs that include nursery to grave.  Become involved in something-attending, listening, helping, teaching, leading, serving, supporting, giving.

Be Who You Are 

The prevailing attitude of doing what you are good at, being who you are today.  And just letting Christ’s love be visible in your daily activity by being YOU.  Sinners save by GRACE! 

To visit GateWay Church is a wonderful experience.  Graciously welcomed by  lay members glad to have you there.  Listening to the music and singing along, having the words on a large screen overhead, keeps the meaning alive and fresh.  Listening to the pastors message that takes Bible passages from long ago and puts them into current experience.  The Scripture truths plug right into my life today!  WOW!  A great start of every week!


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