Garage Sale Toolkit


The Garage Sale Toolkit will organize a garage sale.  Creating a plan with an orderly set up, advertising, promotion and attendance.  Resulting in less stress and increased traffic.  Thereby realizing a greater return on your time and “life’s treasure”.

Get Organized Now! Garage Sale Toolkit

Garage Sale

 A great way to get rid of clutter and make extra cash.   Garage sales, yard sales, etc. are a great way to turn clutter into extra cash — for whatever you like.  Unfortunately, most people work way too hard for too little money from their garage sales.   “Garage sales are a pain.” “I don’t have the time.” “Nobody shows up.” “I never make much money — it just isn’t worth it.”  
I was in that same boat too!  Years ago, when I held my first few garage sales, I felt the same way.  It was a lot of work. Therefore it was frustrating and I didn’t feel we made nearly enough money to make up for all the work.  With some research an organized plan developed a better way.   More effective systems and tools needed to be found.  That was the key.  But, what were the better systems and tools that were needed?
  So, after much reading about planning and profiting from garage sales a program evolved.  And also looking for ‘experts’ who held incredibly successful garage sales and learning their secrets.  Resulted in pulling together all the best planning, promoting and profiting secrets.  Then each one was tested to make sure they worked.  Finally, the special formula!

 Maria Gracia

    Maria Gracia has some important information for you.  How to get rid of your clutter and end up with more cash in your pocket.   The two major reasons to hold a garage sale:
 1. De-clutter your home or office.
 2. Make extra money.  
   Exciting results can be achieved with well designed and effective systems and tools.  These systems provide for Planning, Promoting and Profiting from your garage sales. 

The Get Organized Now!

Garage Sale

Finally, a proven Garage Sale Toolkit that can help make you maximum money every time!

Garage Sale

It’s all about using the most effective systems and tools.  However, to be successful people are taught to achieve their goals. While this is done through more effective organizing ideas, systems and tools.  Searching for and developing more effective systems and tools for everything — including garage sales.  Having an organized plan of action almost always results in higher levels of success.  The easiest way to get the best results in anything is to copy someone who has been successful.  Locate someone that has already found the systems and tools for success and do exactly what they do.

Here’s everything that’s included:

1. How to Make a Bundle at Your Next Garage Sale.  How to make a lot more money at each of your garage sales. 
2. Garage Sale Countdown: Your 6-Week Check list.  Maria created the 6-Week Countdown Checklist to save you time, frustration and energy.   While no detail is  forgotten.

Introducing . . . The Get Organized Now!

Garage Sale

The easiest way to Plan, Promote and Profit from your next Sale!


So often people do like my neighbor did when putting on his yard sale.  Two or three days before the sale they priced the stuff to sell on Saturday and Sunday.   The car had parked outside for years.  So every item was marked at a price slightly lower than the original purchase.  Resulting in very few sales!  DUH!  Prices were reduced  Sunday with little increase in buyer interest.  They still owned all their “valuable stuff”!  Now to put it away.  Resulting in a waste of time for nothing.

The idea of a Yard Sale is making some usable space out of storage space.  Making room for the car inside so it will be secure and stay cleaner.  Also emptying the closets of unused clothing.  And all the stuff taking up room for the things we use. While the Garage Sale Toolkit organizes time and effort.  Therefore efficiently spreading out the work load, organizing the process and properly advertising the event.   And providing peace of mind doing it!





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