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Fertility Unleased is helping families conceive.  Couples unable to get pregnant are able to become fertile and have a child without medicatal help. Learn diet and nutrient benefits aiding fertility.


Reverse Infertility

Fertility unleashed

Without any Medical Procedures of any kind…morepreg2-Fertility unleashed

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Hi, my name is Sarah Tanner, hear the story about a 44 year old woman, who was almost clinically infertile.  Gave birth to not just one… not two… but three beautiful and healthy children… in the space of just 4 years.

The unparalleled success rate of this method, can be carried out from the comfort of your own home.   You can do this method without pills, with no need for medication, without having your body scrutinized.  No need of a single doctor or fertility specialist, and  barely any expense at all.

So, you’re in your late 30’s or 40’s and have female reproductive issues, it may still make you fertile.  Or you have a partner or husband with a low sperm count or low sperm motility, there is a proven way for you to conceive quickly.  Because you could be staring at that pregnancy test strip in open-eyed amazement!

Yes, my name is Sarah Tanner.  I am that woman!

And I’m 44 years old, who had more chance of winning the lottery than having children. I gave birth to 3 beautiful children in just 4 years, with no IVF, IUI, or any kind of medical procedure.

Or in fact, 16,786 other women have already been using this exact same method.

We didn’t have just one problem, we had three.  I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. And my husband had seriously low levels of sperm, and also low sperm motility.

I had a large amount of cysts on my ovaries. I also had high levels of “male hormones” in my body, called Androgens. Therefore I was unable to produce progesterone.

The Endocrinoligst linked my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome to abnormal hormone levels in my body. And high levels of insulin. I was told to lose weight by cutting out high-fat foods and dairy. Which turned out to be the worst advice I could ever have gotten.

But then 7 months later, on one cold November evening, I got thrown a lifeline.  I was lying in bed one night, when I randomly decided to turn on the radio.

A woman who claimed to possess the secret to fertility with a blueprint to dramatically raise the chances of any woman conceiving. Even if she had reproductive issues.  And it could be done 100% naturally, from home, without any kind of invasive medical procedure.

Her name, was Dr Brenda Taylor, MD.

Dr. Taylor, worked at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts back in 2007.  Her research team had been studying the effects of diet on fertility.

According to the study, which followed 18,555 women. Her research team found that consuming DAIRY FOODS, reduced the risk of unexplained infertility by 27%.  And anovulatory infertility by a whopping 50%.

But the study also found 2 servings of LOW FAT dairy each day increased the risk of ovulatory infertility by 85%.

The conclusion was clear.

LOW-FAT dairy foods increased the risk of anovulatory infertility, whereas an intake of HIGH-FAT dairy foods decreased this risk.

Dr Taylor was also involved in two other studies.

Women who drank 3 or more glasses of whole milk a day were 70% LESS LIKELY to be infertile due to failed ovulation.

And the second study found that daily consumption of high-fat dairy products lowered the risk of miscarriage by 33%.

She believed that the majority of women were experiencing fertility issues because of one simple reason…They weren’t eating enough FAT!

I’m talking about GOOD FATS, which help the body absorb vital nutrients and provide essential fatty acids that the body can’t make itself.

To put it simply, without these fats, your body simply can’t absorb the essential nutrients that you need to make a baby.

Today millions of women, dieting for weight loss, are cutting out ESSENTIAL FATS  and eating LOW-FAT foods instead.

As a result, our diets are now drastically lacking in nutrients and fats that boost fertility rates, which used to eat in abundance.

I had to get in touch with Dr Taylor.

If there was still a chance for me to have a baby, I couldn’t ignore it.  Bradley and I started trying again immediately, every other night.

We thought it could take months, but after 7 days we were both already starting to feel the benefits having more energy.  We were sleeping better, and waking each morning feeling refreshed and revived.  After no more than 2 weeks on the program, we felt like we’d been reborn. The difference in our mood, energy levels, concentration levels and focus was incredible.

And then something miraculous happened.  I took a test.


We literally couldn’t believe it.  So I took another test.

Positive again!  Two hours later I took a third test, still not believing that it was real.

Positive again!.





Fertility Unleashed – A Natural, Safe and Scientifically Proven Program for Boosting Fertility From Home.

This system describes the exact step-by-step process that I took to get pregnant after almost four years of trying without success.  Even after my own GP told me that I had more chance of winning the lottery than having a baby.  ME?  YES!

Yet thanks to this completely natural program, I gave birth to 3 healthy and beautiful children in just 4 years.

In Fertility Unleashed, you will be using the exact system I used.  The ROOT CAUSE of your fertility problems, scientifically proven, with all the foods, ingredients and supplements are there for you.  And crucially, this is a 100% natural and safe program, so there is absolutely zero risk.

Both Dr Taylor and I are so confident in the effectiveness of this program and its potential to literally change your life that we’ve decided to offer you an iron-clad 60-day money back guarantee.




The Fertility Unleashed cure has currently been  thriving and it is threatening the IVF clinics’ billion-dollar money cash-cow.  Clinics are trying to have this cure banned.  You can complete the Pregnancy Success strategy, from the convenience of your own home. With no pills, without having any treatment of any kind. No need for getting a checkup by a medical Doctor or fertility specialist.  And there is almost no expenditure.

You will learn to create a diet that enhances pregnancy.  The ten foods that you should never eat if you want to get pregnant and the ten best foods to eat in order to conceive. You will also learn about a natural hormone supplement that you should be taking.  As well as discover the correct timing for conception. This includes the signs of fertility and the indicators to determine it.  Included in this section is a method you can follow to determine  when you are entering your fertility window.

In Fertility Unleashed you will also learn about Chinese herbs that improve your chance of becoming pregnant.

Who Will Benefit Most From Fertility Unleashed?

Of course, Fertility Unleashed will appeal to females who are trying to, or thinking about trying, to get pregnant. And especially those who have never conceived. But it’s also an ideal for those who have been unsuccessful in becoming pregnant.

And it also covers that often ignored problem of male infertility problems. Because, ladies – it’s not always your inability at fault.  And there’s much that your man can do to improve the chances of his swimmers hitting their target.  And you receive that little bundle of joy you so desperately desire.

Fertility Unleashed for reversing infertility is a clinically proven holistic method.  And is helpful to those trying to conceive.  By small life style changes and diet adjustments, naturally boost your fertility and increase the chances for pregnancy.

As you follow this proven system the body begins to develop the proper hormonal changes that may take up to 3 months for fertility to return.  But that is a small price for finally conceiving and gaining the honor of motherhood.


Fertility unleashed
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