Diabetes Destroyer

The Diabetes Destroyer program improves the function of the pancreas. The pancreas is the part of your body that keeps your blood sugar levels healthy, keeping away insulin resistance. The fat that grows around the pancreas causes it to malfunction.  Then blood sugar and insulin get out of balance. Diabetes is the result.


Diabetes Destroyer

The Reverse Diabetes Today (TM) plan will also give you healthy cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure naturally.  So not only will you balance your blood sugar, you’ll drop your risk of heart disease and stroke as well!  No drugs needed!  Tinkering with blood pressure and cholesterol in a patient who already has dysfunctional blood sugar is ineffective and dangerous. And all these studies prove it.

Unfortunately, patients will keep dying until they heal diabetes at the most fundamental level, using diet and lifestyle modifications, like those described in the Reverse Diabetes Today (TM) program.

Restore your healthy blood sugar and even reverse your Type 2 Diabetes.


In hospitals all over the world, people were naturally reversing their Type 2 Diabetes and no one knew why.

That is, until Dr. Taylor found the answer, and changed diabetes treatment as we know it forever.

This new solution works by “jump starting” your pancreas – the part of your body that keeps your blood sugar levels healthy, keeping away insulin resistance.

With this “pancreas jump start solution” that I’m about to show you, you’ll be able to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes, sharply reducing or even eliminating your need for medication.

When you follow this presentation to the end, I’m also going to show you the easiest, most relaxing trick I use to instantly lower my blood sugar after I enjoy something sweet

(because I’m a sucker for a can of Coke, or a bowl of vanilla ice cream and apple pie).

Diabetes destroyerAnd this isn’t some gimmick you see on the internet like drinking gallons of water or soaking your food in vinegar.  It’s just cold hard facts, discovered by medical researchers to keep your blood sugar down for up to 24 hours!

Because when you jump start your pancreas, you’ll be able to do it…

  • Without losing your favorite foods…
  • Without getting drenched in sweat and gasping for breath from exhausting workouts…
  • And without needing impossible levels of self-control…


And once you know these secrets, you’re only weeks away from reversing your Type-2 diabetes or pre-diabetes (and for some people, it’s as quick as 11 days.)

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your disease for decades.  Nor does it matter how old you are.

And it doesn’t matter if your blood sugar levels are sky-high.

Just imagine…

Once you discover how to jump start your pancreas

You’ll be free from annoying insulin shots and painful finger pricks.  While saying goodbye to medicines that make you fat and nauseous.  And you will stop worrying about early death, amputations, and risky surgeries.

Your painful, tingling neuropathy in your feet, hands, and everywhere else in your body will fade away. It will remove the stress of wondering when your vision will completely fail, leaving you blind for the rest of your life.  No more anxiety of constantly monitoring your blood sugar, watching jealously as other people eat your favorite foods…

Resulting in never again feeling like a burden on your family and friends.

Get rid of the fat deposits, and you get rid of Type 2 Diabetes.

Remember, the surgery doesn’t touch these fat deposits. So the mystery continued: What was dissolving these fat deposits?

Finally, in early 2012, Dr. Taylor discovered the answer.

Everyone that goes through gastric bypass surgery is given a temporary meal plan to follow.

This meal plan has the exact fats, sugars, carbs, and essential vitamins and minerals to attack and destroy those fat deposits around the pancreas.

Getting rid of them so quickly was like giving a jump start to the pancreas.

With the fat deposits gone, the pancreas kicked back into gear, regulating blood glucose by producing the right amount of insulin and lowering insulin resistance.

By the end of this specialized meal plan, virtually every single person reduced or eliminated their need for diabetes medication.

 it’s not just what you eat… it’s when you eat.

Regulating your blood sugar is about timing.

Once I realized this, I read every study I could find, and tested different timings on myself.

Finally, I found the perfect schedule… I figured out when to eat which foods.


 Unlike many other books out there telling you vague and often conflicting information about what you should eat to control diabetes — I know, I’ve read them all! — this program is proven on actual patients. We have conducted dozens of health retreats for diabetics literally around the world and we’ve seen over and over that these very precise, but easy-to-follow changes that you’ll find in Reverse Diabetes Today (TM) make diabetes disappear within one to three weeks at the most, regardless of how long you’ve suffered from diabetes or how severely.
And that’s another secret of the remarkably high success rate of Reverse Diabetes Today (TM). This protocol has permanently and safely reversed Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes in every patient who has followed it. In fact, there’s NEVER been a Type 2 diabetic who hasn’t gotten completely OFF their medications using The Reverse Diabetes Today (TM) system – and returned to a normal, healthy, drug-free life.

Lifesaving Information

This program gives you the lifesaving information you need to restore healthy blood sugar, lose weight, and wipe out diabetes without drugs of any kind. This information is strongly supported by thousands of researches and world-class doctors around the world. It’s all backed by ultra-reliable scientific studies and clinical research.

Restoring healthy blood sugar levels and healing diabetes is automatic — if you give your body what it needs and remove the bad habits that block your recovery.

That’s right: Reversing Diabetes is quite simple and straightforward using basic biochemical cause and effect. The only reason people don’t beat their Diabetes is because: 1) they don’t know about this information, and 2) Big Medicine doesn’t teach anybody this information. Drug companies would much prefer to keep you dependent on drugs. The moment you beat Diabetes, they lose a customer.

It’s time to stop poisoning yourself!  It’s time to kick Diabetes out of your life forever!  All you have to do is read Reverse Diabetes Today (TM) and reap the benefits of this amazing breakthrough program!

This revolutionary E-book and audio program contains the latest research on the most effective strategies you can use to reduce and stabilize your blood sugar naturally.

Changing your diet and lifestyle.

This is truly your best chance to defeating diabetes once and for all. Will you grab hold? Will you take control of your health and follow this simple proven strategy.  While you kick diabetes out of your life. Be free from all those sickening drugs you’re taking. Get freedom from the vicious cycle of pills, needles, symptoms, side effects, worry, exhaustion.  Break away from concerns about always needing the help of your family and friends.  End the anxiety, uncertainty, the constant level-checking or worrying about drugs or prescription schedules. While being free to live your days with the confidence of a full, healthy, happy life?

By using the Diabetes Destroyer food list your metabolism will become more efficient.  As the pancreas function improves the insulin production improves.  When that happens the metabolism rate develops a proper blood sugar ratio.  Using these foods and implementing an exercise program your energy will also improve.  The entire system comes together with the proper timing for food intake.   Smoothing out the highs and lows in the blood stream chemistry.




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