This Community Stuff category provides a place for local vendors as well as more far reaching vendors to exhibit promotions.  Sometimes church or local community events may appear on this page. Promotional drives and fund raising events such as; Home craft exhibits, also Cancer Walk-A-Thons, etc. events may appear.

California Melody Boys

The California Melody Boys trio sing Southern Gospel Music while praising the Lord Jesus Christ in song.  Bringing glory to Him and joy to the people in the audience or listening to recorded media.  God has blessed them with the ear for and the love of harmony and want to share it with you.  Worship and praise together.


Eulogy of John T. Suderman

Eulogy John loved ice cream.  Hand cranked home made ice cream was the best!   Spring, Summer, Fall-just bring me seconds!   During his 104 years of life Homemade was a GIVEN!  Everything was homemade because you COULD NOT buy anything!   There was no money!   Everything was done from scratch! 

This is about John’s long life so some things will be left out.  But todayEulogy some of what made his life memorable are of interest.  Some people need a glimpse of his journey from farming with a team of horses to seeing men walk on the moon.  Farming with laser beams and computers and GPS systems.  


GateWay Church of Visalia

CommunityGateWay Church where the Bible is the inspired Word of God, being without error, our final authority in faith and life. Our members serve Christ by reaching out into the local community.  This is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic church community.  Kids are important. And as a parent you need to be sure they are in a safe learning environment. As a kid you are looking for a fun place to learn.  Come see us.


How Great is Our God

How Great is Our God has photos from the Hubble Spacecraft of stars way out in the Universe.  The size of Planet Earth is compared with these stars and the magnitude of this hubble star6universe is analyzed.  The Great God that created the galaxies of the universe, in its hugeness and complexity, must be greater than His creation. To comprehend the magnitude of the Universe.  The size as  we compare ourselves and the world we know, feel and touch.   How Great is Your God?


How To Tell A Great Story

   Learn to organize the story details and characters so you are always leading your listeners.


Can Transform Plain Stories Into Great Stories.

Your Family and Friends Will Love, Admire and Cherish Your Stories.

Even If You Have Never Told A Story Before!

Unlock the Secrets of Storytelling Using

How To Tell A Great StoryCommunity

And your presentation will always have a complete and compelling story of your product.  Thereby controlling your audience by keeping them focused to the end.

This Guide describes ways to organize your story and set a theme.  It also will help you understand how many characters there should be and then venturing further to consider sales presentations.  How to Improve My Presentation.


What’s a …Rassie?

“What’s a…Rassie?”   Life starting in the Arkansas countryside beginning with parents prior to the Civil War of the 1800’s.  Life as it was then with hardship, war and the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  Relocation to California.

Life growing up through schooling experiences, marrying, parenting, pursuits in supporting family and  keeping family close.  His spiritual ties to his Maker and concerns for others along the journey of life.  The values learned from parents dedicated to God, family and the need to care for each other permeate the life he experienced.  The simple life attitude, straight forward values, and attention to detail in recall of relationships. Quite a legacy!  “What’s a…Rassie”