Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading.  The early years, 1 – 6, of your child’s life are most important for healthy brain development and growth. Critical aspects of a child’s brain are established well before they enter school.  Therefore the experiences during these sensitive periods of development play a critical role in shaping the capacities of the brain.


Children Learning Reading

children, learning, reading

Dear Parents,

Teaching your child to read and helping your child develop proficient reading skills is the key to future success.  You need to help your children develop to their fullest potential.  You must read this message carefully!

Here’s why: I’m Jim, a reading teacher and father of 4 amazing kids.  Starting off by learning sight words could actually lead to reading problems and difficulties!  So before you decide to teach your child using sight words or any other approach, PLEASE watch our video in full. In it I explain why you should NOT start teaching with sight words.   You will be shown the combination of two simple, scientifically proven methods.  These methods will enable you to teach your child to read, and help your child become a fast and fluent reader.

Incredible Results

We began teaching Ethan to read at 2 1/2 years of age.  The fantastic reading skills that were visible after just 12 weeks of lessons were remarkable.  And the incredible reading level achieved long after completing the Children Learning Reading program.

I have taught children of ALL AGES to read, many as young as 2 and 3 years old, and older elementary school students.  And they have all progressed on to achieve similarly incredible results!  Countless parents have used my teaching methods to teach their children to read.  And they have sent videos to show the amazing results!

children, learning, reading

“Now at 2 years and 4 months, he can read an entire book by himself!  He is reading at a 2nd grade level!   At our church school, his teacher was amazed.”

Hi Jim,

I started using your lessons teaching my son to read at 14 children, learning, readingmonths.  At the beginning, I thought he might be a bit young but I gave it a shot and followed your guide.  I taught him slowly until he’s solid with each lesson before moving onto the next.  By the time he was 18 months, we completed stage one.  Now at 2 years and 4 months, he can read an entire book by himself! Curious of his reading level, I did a reading assessment on him and he is reading at a 2nd grade level!

My husband is so proud he’s been telling everyone about our son’s reading skills. And his love for books and reading brings so much joy to our family. We used to read to him before bedtime, but now he picks out his own books and reads to us.

Removes Mystery

children, learning, reading

“Jim’s program takes the mystery out of teaching children how to read. It is so well organized that any child can learn to read with it.”

My children loved the program and I am extremely pleased with the results.  My children started the program at 2 years 11 months and 5 years 4 months with Jim. Neither child was reading before starting the program.  My children loved the program, and Jim is an excellent teacher. After 4 months, my 3 year old is reading at  grade 1 level, and my 5 year old is at  grade 2 – 3 level.  I never expected such amazing results!

Can’t Stop Her

children, learning, reading

“I couldn’t stop her!  It’s amazing to see her read and be so confident about it too!  I was completely blown away.  After a week from starting your program, she can actually spell 3-letter words on her own and not from memory!”

Hi Jim!

I just want to share my daughter’s progress after just starting your program 2 weeks ago. She has gotten so well at segmenting and blending words. She occasionally makes mistakes buchildren, learning, readingt overall, she’s doing excellent!  You recommend at least 3 days to work on a lesson.  But she knows her letters and letter sounds so she went through the lessons very quickly.  I couldn’t stop her!   It’s amazing to see her read and be so confident about it too!  She can even spell some 3 letter words (man, cap, dog) and write them too.  I’m so proud of her.

She’s 4 years and 5 months.

More Success Stories


What Makes Children Learning Reading System So Powerful

Teach Your Child to Read Using a Combination of Synthetic Phonics and Phonemic Awareness Skills.  Helping children develop phonemic awareness skills is a very essential step in acquiring reading skills.  The spoken English language is made up of words made up of individual sounds or phonemes. Children learn to say and recognize individual sounds through phonemic awareness.  Phonemic awareness improves children’s word reading and reading comprehension.  And it also helps children learn to spell.  Research indicates phonemic awareness has a direct correlation with students’ ability to read.   It enables the building of a foundation for children to understand the rules of the English language.

Short, Engaging Lessons

Teach Your Child to Read Through Short, Engaging, and Ultra Effective Lessons. Children have a short attention span, and get distracted easily.  Our program takes advantage of a young child’s curiosity and desire to learn new things. Therefore the lessons taught in our program are short, but super effective. Many lessons take just 3 to 5 minutes to complete!  You will NOT be putting your child in front of the television for hours with our system.  In fact, we do not recommend small children watch television to learn how to read!  Our children and YOUR children deserve better.

No Television

Teach Your Child to Read Without Television and Without Computer Programs. Can you really expect your child to learn to read by watching some random words flash on a TV screen?  Sure, they might learn to memorize some word shapes, but does the child really acquire the ability to decode and read effectively? Of course not!

Does spending hundreds of dollars on ineffective DVD, TV, and Computer programs  teach your child to read.  Or replace the loving care and attention of an attentive parent. You are the parent and teacher during the most important developmental years of your child’s life. For that, you will be rewarded with the greatest experience.  And your child will be rewarded with developing the most important skills in life – reading and literacy skills.

Build a Parent/Child Life Long Bond


The Basic Concepts

The Children Learning Reading program is based around a concept called phonemes. Which are (in very simple terms), the sounds that make up words we use in our everyday language. The program teaches to build your child’s ability to understand the phonemes that make up everyday words. Once your child can do this they have the tools they need  to start making sense of new words.  This then will make their reading skills stronger and stronger.


The advantage that Children Learning Reading has is the ability to teach it’s methods in short and enjoyable  incremental steps. This has a number of advantages.

  • You and your child will be able to spend enjoyable time together as they learn to read.
  • The lessons are short and are easy to fit into your daily routine. The whole course consists of 50 lessons that are designed so it’s okay if you miss a few days between them. So your child can continue on the path to reading success even if ‘life gets in the way’
  • The lessons are designed to allow you and your child to see the progress being made. So you will each get a thrill as you see progress.
  • The steps are so simple it is possible for young children to grasp them. Indeed, many of the testimonials report children 2 1/2 years significantly enhanced their reading skills by using the program.

Letter Sounds

The beginning teaches your child phonemes giving them a solid basis in the skills to go on to be a prolific reader. The second part focuses on building on the skills learned in part 1.  Thus allowing your child to take reading skills to the next level.

The reading system has booklets in PDF format complete with comprehensive reading plans. As well as audio recordings some specially selected stories for your children to read.

The lessons teach your child how to separate sounds and break words into phonemes.  This is  essential when your child is just learning to spell.

Teach Your Toddler Reading Skills


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