Battery Reconditioning Course


The Battery Reconditioning Course will enable you to restore life to an old, tired battery.  Thus extending battery life one third to one half times longer dependably.  This course will cost less than a Premium automotive battery.


Battery Reconditioning Course!

Tom Ericson’s Battery Reconditioning Course



Learn how the Battery Reconditioning Course can restore and re-energize dead or tired batteries.   The  Battery Reconditioning Course Review covers the primary advantages and disadvantages of this course.  Therefore using these methods, most batteries can be reconditioned for longer life.

  EZ Battery Reconditioning

Tom Ericson is offering a special bonus guide to every customer that purchases his Battery Reconditioning course. This bonus guide is called “The Making Money Restoring Batteries guide”.   You’ll discover where to get free old batteries, how to recondition them and then how to sell them…



In the US, the average person throws away eight batteries every year.  With the total population  resulting in billions of used batteries discarded every year. Batteries contain chemical pollutants.  They could enter surface water, seeping into the soil, thus resulting in groundwater contamination.

  • Therefore improperly discarded old batteries are harmful to the environment.  So recycling or reconditioning helps protect our earth.

   –  Also it Saves Money knowing how to refurbish your car batteries (and other types of batteries).

  • Minimal Time Needed.  However, based on customer feedback, it took most people less than an hour to recondition their batteries.

   -Reasonably Priced  at less than $50.  There may be other possible  costs for materials. However, you might have most of these items in your kitchen or garage.

-Easy To Understand And Follow.   Therefore, especially visual learners, won’t have a hard time following this guide.   There are colorful images and diagrams in the Battery Reconditioning course.



Requires Effort.   It takes about 20 minutes to actually refurbish the battery.  Locating, collecting and evaluating old batteries requires some time and effort.  Advertising to find people that want inexpensive reconditioned batteries will take time to run ads.  However, as people experience the savings they will tell their friends about their bargain.

You must use Safety Precautions.  Be careful  handling old and damaged batteries, since they contain highly corrosive sulfuric acid.  Know proper ways of handling these batteries.  It is important to wear proper protective clothing and work in a well-ventilated area.

Available In Digital Format Only.  The Battery Reconditioning Course guide comes only in eBook format. But you can print the guide at home.


Most Lead Acid battery failures are due to poor maintenance and/or sulfate build up on the battery plates. Therefore batteries can be saved and recovered or just stop build up from  happening. Sulfated batteries can now be successfully recovered, refurbished and reused, saving the cost of expensive replacements.  Sulfate build up on new batteries can be stopped which could double the life of these batteries.  In effect, reducing your battery costs by 50% or more.

Replacement batteries cost a lot of money.  And everybody knows that batteries wear out over time.  What most people don’t know is that 75% of lead acid batteries fail because of sulphate build up on the cells.  Energy remains untapped in the cells, therefore they are not worn out!   Sulphate acid build up increases the internal resistance of the battery, thus reducing its capacity.  This resistance leads to premature battery failure. However, successfully reconditioned sulphated batteries can now save the cost of expensive replacements.

  This detailed guide teaches how to recover old or dead batteries saving money.  The guide directs you to locations of cheap or free batteries.  Using these methods most batteries can be reconditioned.  Also showing you how to sell them for a profit.


The Battery Reconditioning Course guide is easy to read and worth checking out. It uses simple language, with colorful images and diagrams providing readers knowledge of what to do.


 The  Battery Reconditioning Course by Tom Ericson is an informative guide that can be useful for almost everyone.  So anyone with a gadget or machine having a battery can benefit from the  Battery Reconditioning course.


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