Bake a Dog a Bone understanding pet nutritional and health products.  Learn the tips, tricks and secrets directly from some of the most SUCCESSFUL Pet Treat Bakers Today!   Specially designed recipes by experts in Pet Nutrition that will enhance the health and well being of the animals.



A Pet Bakery Business

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“We’ve Turned Over Every Rock And Reveal The Easy-To-Follow Secret Tactics That Will Guarantee You Fetch Your Own Share Of The $65 Billion Dollar Pet Industry… Starting From Scratch On A
Shoe-String Budget “

A Pet Bakery Business Offers It’s Owners…

  • Extremely HIGH Profit Margins!
  • A LOW-RISK Business You Can Operate From Home Virtually Anywhere
  • Prestige And Recognition As A PET “Expert”
  • A Business With An Outstanding FUN Factor
  • A Chance To Enhance The HEALTH and WELLNESS Of Our 4 Legged Friends
  • Virtually UNTAPPED Niche Marketing Possibilities

From the desks of Chris Trombley & Doug Bertram, Thursday 9:32am

Dear Friend and Fellow Pet Enthusiast,

 Have you always dreamed about turning your passion forBake dog pets into a home-based business?   To give you financial independence and control over your life and your future?   Then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read!

Here’s Why:

We’ll provide you with a detailed step-by-step business system designed. Making way to claiming your own six-figure piece of the $56 BILLION dollars spent on pets annually.

Now that’s certainly a tall statement, but let us show you how it’s very possible.  In fact, to start and operate your own highly profitable pet bakery.  By using the step-by-step instructions provided in this course.

To be successful in business you need experts
to guide you straight through the process.

Chris Trombley has launched hundreds of products into the pet industry while a senior manager in PETsMART’s food and treat group.

Chris is an explosive “results first” pet industry pro who’s reputation for launching and managing staggeringly profitable brands is legendary!

  • Just ONE of Chris’s Treats Sold More Than $1,000,000 in Only 3 Months
  • Chris has ownership interests in several successful pet industry companies


Doug Bertram, former CEO of Farnam Pet Products. President of Bake dogHappy Dog Toys and currently President of eBizWize, LLC, (an internet-based pet consulting company).  He has an extensive operational and functional experience.  He routinely earns several thousand dollars a day consulting with up and coming pet products companies.

As president of Farnam’s Pet group Doug spotted several successful niche’s.  And grew sales and profitability to unprecidented levels.  And then taking on the challenge of turning around a similarly challenged pet toy company.

Details to Grow

You Need Step-By-Step Details Spelled Out Quickly!
…By A Team That Can Teach You The Ropes!

Between the two of them, Chris and Doug have developed, launched and managed millions of dollars in pet nutritional and health products.

They have helped several small companies get started in the pet industry.

If you want to learn how to quickly and profitably get started in the lucrative pet industry. These two will help you do it through this ground breaking resource guide.

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips and techniques included in this success material…

  • The SURE-FIRE Secret to creating a buzz in your market
  • How to QUICKLY Avoid the #1 Mistake New Pet Treat Bakers Make
  • A Step-By-Step Order Tracking System.
  • The absolute “Bullet-Proof” Best Treats to bake and sell – IMMEDIATELY! (page 21)
  • The Golden Rule of Pet Parent Customer Service
  • The Fastest and BEST Strategy
  • How to deal with regulatory agencies
  • Quickly and Easily Identify the single deadliest human ingredients for pets…

Learn the tips, tricks and secrets directly from some of the most SUCCESSFUL Pet Treat Bakers Today!

  • Go inside the minds of the most successful pet treat bakers
  • Discover what they learned about turning their passion for pets
  • These people are just like you… a “pet person” who jumped in, started baking.


Three FREE Bonuses

FREE BONUS #1 ($29.00 Value)

Bake dog

Bake Your Dog A Bone Recipe Guide

Over 150 recipes specially designed by experts in Pet Nutrition.  That will enhance the health and well being of the animals.

You can use the recipes in this guide to start your business this week!

FREE BONUS #2 ($29.00 Value)

33 All-Natural Remedies For Common Pet Health Issues

This essential guide will give you several alternative treatments for common health problems.

Addressing everything from bad breath to treatments for flea’s and tick’s and eczema. The concoctions within this guide have been passed down from generation to generation of pet lovers.

Bake dog

FREE BONUS #3 ($199.00 Value)

Bake dog

Profit Estimator Spreadsheet

A fully functioning profit calculating spreadsheet that will guide you to creating a solid budget.  And to track start-up expenses and profitability.

*This amazing software package has sold for $199 – but you get it FREE just for giving us a risk-free try.

 Thoughts on “Bake a Dog a Bone

The authors are well-qualified to give advice about business generally, the pet-supply business specifically.

Chris Trombley worked with PetCo and Petsmart for years. He was responsible for sourcing and partnering with manufacturers in various pet-supply niches across the world. This experience gained him unique insights into the world of creating and marketing pet treats.

Doug Bertram has consulted very large volume high dollar clients, helping them expand and drive  sales.  He has written about a variety of pet issues for several publications, gaining recognition as an expert.

“Bake A Dog A Bone” is well organized.  With the table of contents linking to each section. Navigation is easy and finding specific information is a joy. The chapters and sections are  well-organized, with clear focus.

The authors have actual experience in the field of making and marketing the pet treats they recommend.  It is also well-written, covering nearly every facet of planning and running a business.

Turn Animal Love Into a Living

By reading Bake a Dog a Bone, you’ll have quite a complete understanding of the niche, the market, the process.  And also the potential of running a pet-treat business.   The recipe book gives over 300 treat recipes, along with full instructions, storage and packaging.  The remedy book contains over 30 recipes.  Remedies for everything from doggie-mouthwash to shampoo, ointment, flea-powder, and urinary tract cleanser.

The authors make some impressive claims, revealing secret tactics that increase chances of success.  Using their recommendations could help you start and run a successful business selling premium pet treats.  New to the business world, the book will  open your eyes to a number of new topics and considerations.



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