The Automotive industry has changed our lives for over a century now.  What a Trip!  Through its use distance lost its grip on our lives.  From the horse drawn buggy or coach we now enjoy luxury, AC, padded comfortable seats, surround sound, movies.  The need for a garage to protect and a directory guide to use and battery to start it.  Great changes! Travel on!


Food and Meat Preparation Appliances

The Appliances needed to prepare a meal make it easy to do.  Demanding less time from busy schedules and less effort to make great recipes.  When new technology creates efficiency’s in the kitchen the entire family benefits.  We all enjoy good food and fellowship.  Much of life’s most enjoyable relationships are around food prep and eating.  Here are some ideas that may enhance your culinary interests.


   Garage Sale Toolkit

The Garage Sale Toolkit  will organize a garage sale to plan it properly.  Creating orderly set up, advertising, promotion and attendance, thereby realizing a greater return on your time and “life’s treasure”.

By putting some systems in place the entire garage sale experience would smooth out.  With a Garage Sale Toolkit!    Put the car back inside the garage!


Automotive2It was a lot of work. It was frustrating, and I didn’t feel we made nearly enough money to make up for all the work.Luckily, because I’m a professional organizer who understands that there is always a better way, I began to do some research.WHAT TO DO NOW!


 Going a Distance from Home

When going on a trip some items that enable the experience to make it memorable.  The distance determines the conveyance used to span the miles coupled with time constraints.  The time also relates to the food, lodging, rest issues encountered.  Health and endurance are a factor to consider. Miles per day and the time demands have a role.  Money for services and goods.  And added to that our personal preferences for sights and emotions are a factor.   Make the Trip part of a good Memory




EZ Battery Reconditioning Method

“Save Money And NEVER Buy A New Battery Again”

 “How To Bring Any Dead Battery Back To Life Again”

“Learn how to make thousands by purchasing old batteries and selling them as Automotive2reconditioned ones for massive profits”

  Almost 20,000 people are already using the EZ Battery Reconditioning Method.  You can extend a Battery life after its life seems to have ended.  Most kitchens have the where-with-all to renew your lifeless battery.  MORE INFO NEEDED?


      PizzaQue Portable Pizza Oven

The PizzaQue® Portable Pizza Oven is Pizzacraft’s basic outdoor pizza oven – and easily one of the best mobile pizza ovens on the market. Simply set it on your tabletop or picnic table to cook.

  • oven-style pizzas in just 6 minutes.Automotive
  • Is as easy to use as a gas grill.
  • Portable for tailgating, camping or any adventure.

Pizzacraft PizzaQue PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven


Tools and Accessories for Repairs and Crafts

Tools and Accessories for Repairs and Crafts are needed for home maintenance and craft projects.  Little things in our homes that we can fix ourselves with some basic tools.  Hanging pictures.  Patching holes in the walls.  Repairing a faucet(?).  Building a model craft.  Doing crafting projects.  Everything is easier with some basic fundamental tools and attachments for them.  The feeling of accomplishment that comes after fixing a lamp or repairing a picture frame.  Tools and Accessories also needed in the Man Cave